Cascadia Obscura



Welcome to Cascadia \ Obscura

I use this site as a way to share my photographic explorations, my journey with a camera and the art I create along the way. From my first frames captured with automatic entry-level DSLRs and kit lenses to rangefinders permanently set on manual with prime lenses, my photography and the frames I capture have always been purposeful and from a place of curiosity and wonder.

I share these works to inspire others to see more, to do more, to step outside the confines of what’s typical, to explore what’s possible and view the world differently, which is precisely what photography has done for me. Here, I present my progression as a photographer and all the mistakes and triumphs, the lessons learned, the changes I’ve made along the way and the direction I am headed. I hope that you enjoy spending time here and are witness to my continued explorations with a camera…

I am based in Seattle, Washington, I make the best bourbon caramel corn you’ll ever eat and I can never remember whether Duckie was in 16 Candles or Pretty in Pink without first going to IMDb.

- Bryan

For more information or to discuss working with me on a project you have in mind, please visit the Contact link above. If you’re interested in hanging my art on your walls, visit the Prints section above.